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870 câu hỏi luyện thi TOEIC

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1. The ode was original (A) a ceremonial (B) poem written to (C) celebrate public occasions or (D) exalted subjects.

2. Knowledge of (A) the rate at which (B) a ship is traveling through (C) the water is important if the navigator need to (D) estimate the time of arrival.

3. The earth is the (A) only planet with a large number (B) of oxygen (C) in its (D) atmosphere.

4. Robert Frost was not well known as (A) a poet (B) until he reached (C) the (D) forties.

5. The amounts of (A) oxygen and nitrogen in the air almost always (B) remain stable, but the amount of (C) water vapor vary (D) considerably.

6. Multicolored woodcuts must be printed with as many blocks as _______ colors in the composition.
(A) there are               (B) many               (C) some of               (D) it is

7. A painter (A) who lived most (B) of his life (C) in the Middle West, Grant wood has called (D) America's "Painter of the Soil."

8. While ancient (A) times people simply painted inanimate objects, during (B) the Renaissance the painting of "still life" developed as (D) an accepted art form.

9. The American frontiersman (A), politician, and soldier Davy crockett is one of the most (B) popular of (C)  American hero (D).

10. Three months after they have been laid (A), crocodile (B) eggs are ready (C) hatched (D).

11. Peas require rich (A) soil, constant moistures (B), and a cool growing (C) season to develop well (D).

12. A dolphin locates underwater objects in (A) its (B) path by doing (C) a series of clicking and whistling (D) sounds.

13. The greater an objects's mass, the more difficult it is ____________.
(A) to speed it up or slow it down
(B) it speeds up or slows down
(C) than speeding it up or slowing it down
(D) than speeding up or slowing down

14. A desert area that has been (A) without water (B) for six years will still (C) bloom when rain will come (D).

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